Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Life Links 5/2/07

Catholic Online has posted the text of a speech delivered by Robert George about abortion, personhood, politics and religion.

An Australian company has been granted approval by the FDA to begin Phase II clinical trials with "off-the-shelf" adult stem cells to treat patients who've had heart attacks.

During a question and answer period at a town hall meeting, a 14-year-old girl asked Hillary Clinton why abortion wasn't considered murder.

I missed this letter to Tony Campolo from Jordan Hylden in First Things. From back in February.
You say that most evangelicals believe "something miraculous" happens to make unborn babies human from the moment of conception, but you argue that "there is no way to prove that they are right." Additionally, you write that some evangelicals think making abortions illegal "will do little to solve the problem," because then "abortions will be performed in back alleys by butchers, or with coat hangers by pregnant women themselves." And what's more, other evangelicals argue that "what makes [us] human is interaction with one or more other humans," which means that without this social interaction, unborn babies aren't really human beings yet. For your part, you say you are "firmly pro-life," but if that is true, I have a hard time understanding why you spend most of a chapter parroting Planned Parenthood's arguments in favor of legalized abortion, and why you choose to dismiss the mainstream pro-life Christian position as "faith" in "something miraculous."
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