Monday, May 21, 2007

Life Links 5/21/07

British doctors are requesting authorities investigate an abortion performed on a woman who was 28 weeks pregnant (which is 4 weeks past Britain's legal limit).
A GP raised the alarm after a 22-year-old woman demanded a termination when more than six months' pregnant. He refused and a colleague referred her for counselling to the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS), a charity which runs a chain of private abortion clinics.

When the woman returned to the surgery about a different matter several weeks later, she was no longer pregnant and told the GP that she "had it sorted privately".

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh have used adult stem cells to treat women with stress urinary incontinence.
In the study, Dr. Carr and colleagues took biopsies of skeletal muscle tissue from eight female patients and isolated and expanded the stem cells from the tissue in culture. In an outpatient setting, the patients then received injections of the muscle-derived stem cells into the area surrounding the urethra.

Advice on helping your wife through a miscarriage from Bob Perry. HT: Scott Klusendorf

The Washington Post had a long story on Sunday on fetal reduction abortions. You could get a number of long blog posts on this story. The slippery slope ethics of the doctor, the cognitive dissonance, the rationale used to end life, etc.
And, sure enough, on Greenbaum's screen were three little honeycombed chambers with three fetuses growing in them. The fetuses were moving and waving their limbs; even at this point, approaching 12 weeks of gestation, they were clearly human, at that big-headed-could-be-an-alien-but-definitely-not-a-kitten stage of development. Evans has found this to be the best window of time in which to perform a reduction.

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