Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Life Links 5/1/07

Ann Friedman of the American Prospect and Feministing thinks that the blogger Disgusted Beyond Belief's wife had a D and X abortion (aka partial-birth abortion). I blogged about his story here. Nowhere in DDB's post does he claim his wife had a D and X. His wife was 9 weeks pregnant and I've never seen any abortionist claim a partial-birth abortion can be performed that early. I can't imagine it's physically possible to partially deliver an unborn child at 9 weeks. According to pregnancy.org an unborn child at 9 weeks is approximately 0.9 inches long. That would make it kind of tough to grab a leg with forceps, pull out the child's body (with the exception of the head), stab the child in the back of the head and suction the brain's out, wouldn't it?

Score another one for pro-choice ignorance.

The Michigan-based company Aastrom has announced it will be starting Phase Iib trials to treat peripheral arterial disease with adult stem cells.

Researchers at Johns Hopkins have discovered how adult stem cells repair cells which control our sense of smell.

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