Monday, May 14, 2007

"Life begins when I make the choice."

That's what one pro-choice mother, who details her struggles with her obstetrician in (language warning) this post, thinks. Most of the post discusses how frustrated she became with her doctors wanting her to take tests to determine if her child had a genetic disorder but this part stuck out to me.
I am woman : Life begins when I make the choice.

I had already chosen this baby as mine. I had already called myself a mother. Not to be, but made. My son's face was all that I awaited. Not motherhood, not 'life' because that already had arrived with my choice.
What an odd and arrogant way of thinking. Life begins when I decide it does. Sure it does. Do you also happen control how fast the Earth rotates on its axis?

I've seen various pro-choicers make this kind of assertion and I'm always struck by it. To them, whether a unborn human being is valuable or not isn't their subjective decision but whether the unborn child is objectively alive or not is solely up to their subjective feelings. So in one of their pregnancies this supernatural adorning of life for the developing, growing child could take place in the first couple of weeks while in another pregnancy it could take a few months for this life-bestowing declaration to take place.

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