Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Time for the NY Times to post a correction on its story about abortion in El Salvador

Remember that long New York Times Magazine story by Jack Hitt about El Salvador's abortion law and how a woman named Carmen Climaco was sentenced to 30 years for supposedly having an illegal abortion at 18 weeks?

Remember how LifeSite News published a story showing how the woman was actually imprisoned for strangling her newborn?

Byron Calame, the NY Times' Public Editor, now has an article exposing the laziness and/or bias of writer Jack Hitt and some of editors of the NYT.
One thing is clear to me, at this point, about the key example of Carmen Climaco. Accuracy and fairness were not pursued with the vigor Times readers have a right to expect.
Byron also discusses how Ipas, an organization which supports legal abortion, provided Hitt with a translator and then used his story as a way of raising money. Ipas is also currently trying to use Calame's current article to highlight what they do in El Salvador and raise money.

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