Friday, January 12, 2007

Stem cell links

Charles Krauthammer (who isn't prolife) has a column discussing stem cell research and Bush's position.
You don't need religion to tremble at the thought of unrestricted embryo research. You simply have to have a healthy respect for the human capacity for doing evil in pursuit of the good. Once we have taken the position of many stem cell advocates that embryos are discardable tissue with no more intrinsic value than a hangnail or an appendix, then all barriers are down.

Here's the roll call vote on the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act.

More cloning deception, this time with embryonic stem cells from cloned monkeys embryos.

Hypetastic. One U.S. Representative whose son has juvenile diabetes claimed that embryonic stem cell research and the bill the House voted on yesterday was the "only meaningful hope for a cure in my son's lifetime." Maybe Representative Space should read up on how various kinds of stem cells have worked or not worked in humans and in rodents.

Ramesh Ponnuru on the Center for American Progress and their stem cell double standards.

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