Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Life Links 1/31/07

Science has finally printed a response from David Prentice to the strawman arguments of Bill Neaves and company. Wesley Smith has posted the complete letter.

More details about South Dakota's new attempt to ban abortion. It sounds like the health exception is fairly specific. UPDATE: South Dakota War College has a pdf of the abortion ban legislation along with a description of another interview with the proponents of this legislation.

Adult stem cells are even helping race horses.

Meanwhile the DesMoines register has a horrible editorial on why Iowa needs to overturn its ban on the cloning of human embryos. They use the "creating stem cells through cloning" language. I'm continually amazed that legislators and newspaper editors think that human cloning experiments are somehow going to revive their state's economy and that not being able to attempt to clone human embryos (something, which if you put aside ethical problems has been an enormous failure scientifically) will force scientists to leave in droves as if there are droves of Iowa scientists who want to try their hand at human cloning. Probably hundreds of millions of dollars have been wasted trying to create cloned human embryos and scientists still don't have a single embryonic cell line from a cloned human embryo.

Notice also how the editorial never once tries to engage in any ethical arguments about why human cloning for research should be legal. The only reasons provided are the usual "we can't get in the way of science"/"we'll fall behind" arguments. One wonders if they would have any problems with implanting cloned embryos into wombs and then removing the clone's organs? Because banning that would be "anti-science" and you can't be "anti-science."

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