Thursday, January 11, 2007

Life Links 1/11/07

South Carolina might soon be catching on to the trend of giving women considering abortion the opportunity to view their ultrasound at abortion clinics.

Here's an article in an Italian paper about the co-author (Paolo De Coppi not Anthony Atala) of the paper on amniotic stem cells. The writer notes (emphasis mine) De Coppi "disclosed that he had the impression since 2001, when he first started presenting his work at conferences, that the scientific establishment, which has invested heavily in embryo research, was resistant to the prospect of amniotic stem cells proving useful." De Coppi also shares how their paper was rejected four times before being published. Things that make you hmmm.....

Meanwhile, the House has passed the bill to expand the federal funding of embryonic stem cell research but fell well short of a veto-proof majority. It should also be noted that the author of the AP article doesn't accurately describe what the bill would do.

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