Friday, January 05, 2007

Life Links 1/5/07

Rebecca Taylor on IVM (in vitro maturation) and fetal mating

Wesley Smith on some stem cell scare mongering in the United Kingdom . Scientists would have UK residents believe thousands of patients will die if they aren't allowed to create cloned human/animal hybrids. I'm amazed the HFEA would turn this down since I can't recall them turning down any other morally questionable research.

A pro-choice license plate for Florida will be unveiled at NOW's national conference.

Governor Jennifer Granholm signed a variety of bills to help create a statewide network of umbilical cord blood banks. She did veto one of the bills which would have provided a tax incentive to individuals who donate money to cord blood banks citing the state of Michigan "continues to face enormous fiscal challenges." One wonders if she would have vetoed a bill funding embryonic stem cell research for the same reason.

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