Friday, January 19, 2007

Stem cell links

Yuval Levin: A Middle Ground for Stem Cells
They argue that the human embryo is just too small, too unlike us in appearance, or too lacking in consciousness or sensitivity to pain or other critical mental capacity to be granted a place in the human family. But surely America has learned the hard way not to assign human worth by appearances.

Jonah Goldberg: Blinding us with Science
Indeed, abortion-rights absolutism provides no defensible terrain to object to that slippery slope. Today's "pro-science" champions may soon see a world where homosexuality is eradicated in utero thanks to their hard work establishing the absolute moral sovereignty of individual choice and science.

Sam Berger and Jonathon Moreno continue to try to argue with Ramesh Ponnuru about stem cell research and again assert, "The scientific community has been clear: no alternative methods of deriving pluripotent stem cells are viable replacements for embryonic stem cell research" without providing any evidence there is a "consensus" or that the scientific community has been "clear" on this issue. They also don't have any response to Ramesh's points about how many stem cell lines could be produced from frozen human embryos or their mischaracterization of James Battey's testimony.

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