Friday, January 26, 2007

Different state, same playbook

Iowa's Democratic governor, Chet Culver, is "calling on the Legislature to lift a state ban on a certain type of embryonic stem cell research" according to news stories.

What isn't mention in the majority of the articles is what "type" of research Iowa has a state ban on. Does Iowa have a ban on embryonic stem cell research? No , but they do have a ban on human cloning .

A story from the Daily Iowan actually uses the "C" word but then claims "therapeutic cloning" produces embryonic stem cells, sidestepping the fact that cloning doesn't produce stem cells - it tries to produce cloned human embryos who would then be killed for their stem cells.
Democrats Sen. Joe Bolkcom and Rep. Mary Mascher, both of Iowa City, will propose legislation as early as next week that would rescind the state's current ban on therapeutic cloning, which in theory can create human embryonic stem cells.

Both Culver and Bolkcom said Thursday the state's restrictions on human cloning will remain intact.
So we'll rescind the ban on human cloning but the human cloning ban will remain in place? They just get tongue-tied trying to argue that human cloning for research isn't human cloning, don't they?

The article also includes proponents of human cloning for research making the typical and factually bankrupt claims that funding embryonic stem cell research will be an "economic boon" and that the ban on human cloning for research is keeping Iowa from recruiting and keeping the best scientists.

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