Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Life Links 1/24/07

Why does Lee Silver keep trying to argue with Patrick Lee and Robert George? This is probably one of the most complete and through takedown of an argument (human embryos aren't human beings) I've ever seen. I can't believe Silver would actually think that because a group of stem cells and a human embryo look similar that this somehow proves a human embryo isn't a human being.

George Will discusses his son and the ACOG's proposed guidelines for screening every unborn child for Down Syndrome.

Annie at After Abortion has more on the article about post-abortive women in the NY Times Magazine.

Looks like California won't really be awash in profits from the stem cell cures which would be supposedly created by Proposition 71. Remember this when the embryonic stem cell advocates come to your state and claim they need your tax-dollars so your state will have a chance to bring in the revenue.

Korean researchers have turned stem cells from umbilical cord blood into pancreatic cells which secrete insulin.

Colorado Right to Life continues to put out some really bad arguments for prolife absolutism. Here's the latest from Larimer County Right to Life President Jon Davis. I wonder if Colorado Right to Life will work to remove their state's parental notification law since once the parents are notified then their daughter can have an abortion. Probably not since they somehow consider parental notification laws okay but parental consent laws bad.

Here's a pro-embryonic stem procell researchcolumn from Michigan State's newspaper. The columnist, Ryan Dinkgrave, doesn't seem to understand that prolife opposition to embryonic stem cell research isn't based on whether abortions will go up or down but on the reality that a human embryo is destroyed when their stem cells are extracted. He also doesn't seem to understand that Bush isn't doing anything to stop scientists from conducting embryonic stem cell research (it's going on right now with federal support). He merely vetoed a bill to increase the scope of federal funding.

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