Friday, January 05, 2007

Dr. Elizabeth Fox-Genovese, R.I.P

Dr. Elizabeth Fox-Genovese, a scholar, feminist and professor recently passed away. Here's an essay the former professor at Emory University wrote awhile back on how abortion has failed women.
Abortion provides many women with a quick solution to immediate problems. It does not improve the conditions that produced the problems in the first place. If anything, it reinforces them. Abortion begets more abortion -- and more unhappiness for women. Women's growing distaste for abortion demonstrates an emerging consciousness that women's greatest need from society is that it facilitate their lives as women who are both equal to and different from men. But we should not delude ourselves: Women's freedom to bear and nurture children is expensive. And, under present conditions, we should not expect the private sector to shoulder the entire cost. Having permitted the disintegration of marriage, we must now pay the taxes to underwrite support for single mothers. The great challenge will be to meet the needs of single mothers without encouraging the further erosion of marriage. The cultural and moral challenge is as daunting as the economic responsibility, and neither is likely to prove easy. Nonetheless, it behooves us to remember that we are our sister's keeper, not least because in her prospects lie our own.
Robert George also has shared some insights into the life of his friend.

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