Monday, March 14, 2011

Why one woman thinks "killing babies" should be legal

At a pregnancy blog, Kate Tietje asks, "How Can I Hate Abortion, but Not Want it to be Illegal." The answer to me is that Kate hasn't thought very deeply about why she hates abortion. She says she "really, really hate(s) abortion" and that "abortion is wrong" but only once provides a sliver of an idea for why she believes abortion is wrong.

Her main argument for why she thinks abortion should stay legal is that "making abortion illegal isn't going to stop it" and then cites drugs and prostitution as examples of crimes which still occur even though they are illegal.
I'm just saying, making something against the law does absolutely nothing to stop it.
Really? Nothing? Police breaking up drug houses and arresting drug dealers and users has had absolutely no effect on drug usage? Prostitution rates are exactly equal in places where prostitution is legal vs. illegal? Come on.

If making something illegal does nothing to stop it, then why isn't Kate calling for laws prohibiting rape and murder to be overturned?

Then, for a second, Kate seems to indicate why she hates abortion.
And while I don't condone killing babies, I don't condone hurting or killing women, either.
So we should keep killing babies legal so women don't hurt themselves while trying to kill babies?

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