Thursday, March 31, 2011

Overheard: "It looked like a baby"

From the blog One in One Thousand where a self-described 26-year-old pro-choicer discusses her recent abortion:
I sat up and opened my eyes. To my right, the hovering ultrasound glowed, its screen facing toward me still showing the image of the fetus inside of me. I only saw it for a moment, just long enough to register a little head and nose, arms and a body curled up and facing left.

It looked like a baby.

It looked exactly like the ultrasound that I had imagined for my future.

"Can you please turn that off?" I said weakly, my eyes shut again.

In a more recent post, she discusses her trip to the ER after having a complication from the abortion.


  1. She's more upset about seeing her first ultrasound that killing her first baby.

  2. A truly trustworthy doctor will have nothing to do with abortion. You want an abortion, you get an abortionist.

  3. Her latest post insisting that she doesn't impose her beliefs on others is maddening. What the hell did she do to her baby? It's not like she consulted with him or her about whether or not to go forward with death by dismemberment.