Thursday, March 10, 2011

Life Links 3/10/11

How do you know an abortionist is lying?

He's moving his mouth.

At Feministe, Clarisse Thorn interviewed abortionist Doug Laube for Abortion Provider Appreciation Day and here's what she got from their conversation about the times when abortion was illegal.
I hadn't realized that immediately post-legalization, abortion was a mainstream ob-gyn practice. I did know, however, that abortion was incredibly unsafe when it was illegal. Dr. Laube provided some gruesome insights: pre-legalization, there were entire wards in some inner-city hospitals that were dedicated to women who had received illegal abortions, because so many women came in suffering complications. Of the women who populated those wards, 50% died. As Dr. Laube put it, "It was a matter of necessary service to bypass all that."
Yes, exactly 50% (that statistic doesn't sound made up at all) of the women who filled multiple inner-city hospital wards died from illegal abortions. This despite the fact that the CDC only records 39 deaths from illegal abortions in 1972.

Why do some pro-choicers continue to believe such ridiculous attempts at myth making? Are they really that gullible? Or is it just anathema to call an abortionist out on his/her obvious lies?

How do you know you need to find a better man?

You marry the guy who tried to kill your unborn child without your consent.

Orbin Tercero has been sentenced to 4.5 months to two years in jail after attempting to kill his unborn child by giving abortion drugs to his girlfriend.
In February 2010, police said Tercero gave his then-pregnant girlfriend, Amy, who is now his wife, a drug called misprostol without her consent, causing her to have a miscarriage.

He was originally charged with murder of an unborn child, tampering with evidence, and aggravated assault of an unborn child.

He plead guilty to lesser charges in court in January.

Tercero's Attorney Joe Joch was pleased with the sentence. He said the sentence did justice to all parties.

Judge Jeffrey Smith said the sentence would allow Tercero to see his son, who is in seventh grade, and his unborn child.
You know the kid he tried to kill.

How do you know you have some serious pet issues?

You spend $310,000 to clone two of your dogs and want to clone yourself.
Wolfie died two years ago, at age 15. But long before she and her sister, "Bubble," passed away, Onruang had plans to bring them back to life.

"I buried them at home," Onruang tells KTLA, "So, you know, I visit them. And when I'm there, I say, 'Hi, I'm making a new body for you.'"

Onruang found a South Korean biotechnology company called RNL Bio, a company that can and will clone animals.

Onruang saved his dogs' stem cells, then he started the website, so he could earn and save the $310,000 the clonings would cost.

The new dogs should look identical to Wolfie and Bubble, and have similar dispositions.

The way the cloning process is done, Onruang may end up with several clones of each dog..

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  1. Next thing you know they'll be claiming that every single woman who died before Roe actually died from a criminal abortion.

    But ya know, it was PROCHOICERS doing all those fatal abortions.