Monday, March 28, 2011

Overheard: Abortion activist couldn't get job at pro-choice orgs

Various pro-choice blogs had this guest post from abortion advocate Steph Herold about how she couldn't find a job with pro-choice groups after moving to New York.
You can imagine my excitement when over the course of a few months, I landed interviews at many of the big pro-choice organizations here. I don’t have to name them. You know who they are. I interviewed for jobs at these places that fit my experience, jobs at which I could’ve kicked ass. But each interview ended with some version of this: “I’m sorry, but you are too radical/too much of an activist to work for us.”

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  1. This happens in pro-life circles as well. The truth is, when you're funded by big bucks and you put up a serious front to the public, organisations don't want to hire people who come off too strong-- on any side of the political debate.

    That's why there are grassroots organizations.