Monday, September 13, 2010

Steve Brigham's late term abortions

LifeNews has posted a story which summarizes the information Operation Rescue obtained from the state of New Jersey through an open records request regarding abortionist Steven Brigham and the investigation following the botched abortion on an 18-year-old who was 21 weeks pregnant.

Besides the blatant evilness of Steven Brigham, what stands out to me is the incredible lateness of some of these abortions. After George Tiller was shot and killed, I read over and over again on pro-choice blogs (some examples here and here) how third trimester abortions were only done because of serious health issues to the child or mother. Yet Brigham's Elkton (just 1 of his 16 clinics) patient logs show numerous post-viability abortions.

On July 13, there were abortions at 24 and 24.1 weeks.
On July 21, there was an abortion at 28.3 weeks.
On July 23, there was an abortion at 31.4 weeks.
On July 28, there was an abortion at 29 weeks.
On July 30, there was an abortion at 33 weeks.
On August 4, there was an abortion at 33 weeks.
On August 6, there was an abortion at 28 weeks.
On August 13, there was an abortion of twins at 25 weeks.

So in the span of a month, 9 post-viability abortions were performed on patients from the New Jersey area whose abortions were started in New Jersey and finished in Maryland.

Even Vicki Saporta of the National Abortion Federation says that Steve Brigham is a quack so it seems reasonably obvious that it would take a truly despicable OB/GYN to refer a pregnant patient suffering from some serious health issue to Brigham.

The question is why would these women be getting abortions and how did they get in contact with Steve Brigham?

My guess is they just kept calling local abortion clinics until they found the one in the area which was willing to perform post-viability abortions.

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  1. What's really creepy is that he gave them medications to induce contractions before caravaning them to Maryland. The women arrived there in a lot of pain. What if they'd started to go into labor along the highway?