Thursday, September 30, 2010

Another woman discussing her planned abortion on Twitter

The twitter account Abortion Reality is by a woman claiming to be 3.5 weeks pregnant and planning on having an abortion. Most of the recent posts at this point are insults/replies to prolifers or replies to pro-choicers wishing her the best. The account is described thusly:
Pro-choice activist who made a mistake and ended up pregnant. I will be having an abortion. This is the reality of abortion for one woman.
She's plans on having an RU-486 abortion and she seems to be rather ignorant of fetal development. In a tweet from September 27 at 9:20 p.m., she notes that she believes she conceived sometime around September 3 (which would make the child 24 days old on the day of her post with a beating heart) yet still thinks she has 2.5 weeks until the child has a heartbeat. I'm not sure if she doesn't understand that pregnancy is typically dated from the last menstrual period and that conception typically takes place a couple of weeks after this. So she may be 3.5 weeks pregnant or 5.5 weeks pregnant (my guess).

She accepts that the child she will be aborting "is 100% human" but doesn't "accept that terminating a pregnancy is inhumane or evil."

She has also called Planned Parenthood (they referred her to another clinic) to see if they can find someone to help her with the funding.

In a series of tweets she writes,
"Here are the facts: I am currently on unemployment and have been sending my resume to 3-10 different companies a week w/ few interviews. Pregnant women do NOT have equal rights to job protection and are utterly unhireable. So unless the #antichoice community is going to COMPLETELY fund my cost of living, cost of pregnancy, and the COMPLETELY organic diet I would adhere to if keeping the pregnancy, then we can talk. I also expect perks. If u demand my body be used in a way I do not desire I should be compensated handsomely. That is asking WAY TO MUCH of a stranger.


  1. luckymama4:02 PM

    So this "feminist" is going to just accept the fact that pregnant women are discriminated against? I've been in that position, btw, and here's a hint...... although I love to help people out when they're in a pinch, I won't when they either (literally) sacrifice their child for income, or try to blame a different group of people who are not related to their situation whatsoever.
    Finally - is their anyway I might be able to communicate to this angry woman that oftentimes adoptive couples provide some pretty decent living and medical compensation to the birthmom?

  2. Luckymama,
    In other posts on her twitter account, she says she can't imagine adoption. Apparently, that would be too traumatic for her.