Thursday, September 16, 2010

Abortioneer talks about burn-out

One of the reasons she feels burned out is that women keep telling her that they feel like they're killing.
Part of it is repetition--the same stories ("I feel like I am killing."), the same obstacles (poverty), and less patient interaction in my current position.

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  1. The "patient" testimonies about killing are only part of why that Abortioneer is feeling burned out. Ironically, money is also a part of the problem:
    "It's also about money. Recently I called a few clinics to get an idea of how much others charge for abortions. There was a clinic a few states away charging over $600.00 for first trimester abortions. Considering how challenging it is for patients at our clinic to pay for procedures, I can't imagine how difficult it is to come up with twice as much money."

    What happened to all of those pro-abortion-choice funds that were supposed to help poor women pay for their oh-so-important abortions? Are these funds still working? I see that the National Network of Abortion Funds is still maintaining their website.

    (Although the NNAF still seems to think it's important to "Stop Stupak!" Perhaps they didn't get the memo that Stupak caved...?)

    Hey, here's a question for the Abortioneer: How many volunteers at crisis-pregnancy centers suffer burnout because of money?

    Likely answer: None. Crisis-pregnancy centers give away their services. Money isn't an issue.