Thursday, September 09, 2010

More on Brigham in Philadelphia Inquirer

This article about New Jersey's efforts to take away abortionist Steve Brigham license in the Philadelphia Inquirer provides a few more details into his shady abortion business.
Besides "D.B.," the complaint cited two other women - "S.D., who was 25 weeks pregnant with twins," and "N.C.," who was more than 18 weeks pregnant. Both were taken by car from New Jersey to Maryland on Aug. 13.

"Brigham caused patient 'S.D.' and 'N.C.' to be transported out of New Jersey after their unlawful procedures were begun," the complaint alleges. "Fetal demise for both patients was 'initiated' in New Jersey."

Brigham also created false records, or asked others to make them, showing that the procedures in Maryland were done by physician George Shepard Jr. or an unlicensed medical school graduate, Kimberly Walker, according to the complaint. Both Shepard and Walker told authorities they did not perform any procedures, the complaint says.

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