Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Prolifers are callous towards children?

Rarely do I see a pro-choice blog post with a title containing this much cognitive dissonance: Roundup: Anti-Choicers' Callous Disregard for Children

Apparently, prolife abortion clinic protesters show "callous disregard" for children by protesting at a facility which kills children.

Rachel Larris seems to think holding up graphic pictures of dead unborn children is worse than the killing of those children.

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  1. Anonymous9:52 PM


    Thank you for posting this article! It's hard for me to read articles like that sometimes because I get irritated that they are so one-sided (towards pro-choice), but I'm determined not to get angry at pro-choicer's but to send tons of prayers their way that God will touch their hearts to see that abortion is wrong. I'm so passionate about pro-life issues and love blogs like this! Thanks for the posting and God Bless! Janey