Monday, February 01, 2010

Kim Kozlowski is a U-M employee posing as a Detroit News reporter

This Detroit News article on the lack of genetic diversity among embryonic stem cell lines is absolutely ridiculous. Kim Kozlowski has obviously been in the bag for embryonic stem cell research for a while but this article could be a University of Michigan press release.

Notice how she doesn't get a single quote from any one opposed to embryonic stem cell research or a quote from any legislator in favor of current legislation to regulate embryonic stem cell research.

Sean Morrison is allowed to lay down this blatant lie unopposed.
But this work won't proceed if lawmakers make laws regulating embryonic stem cell research that was approved by voters in 2008, Morrison said. On Jan. 20, a six-bill package was voted out of the Michigan Senate Health Policy Committee and is now headed to the full Senate floor. Proponents say some parameters are needed but opponents say it would halt the research.
Here's a question most high school reporters would consider asking Morrison:

How would the bills prevent U-M researchers from do research on human embryos donated by African-American parents?

I would love to hear Morrison's response to that basic question.

I feel so sorry for people like Amy Jackson. Here she is caring for her husband with Parkinson's and hoping he could one day be cured. And then you have these vultures like Sean Morrison come by with their white lab coats and act like embryonic stem cells are going to cure him, intentionally giving this woman false hope. All so Sean Morrison can get some more research funds and do whatever research he wants. Morrison knows that providing basic regulations to the embryonic stem cell industry isn't going to stop the non-existent flow of cures. It can't even prevent him from killing human embryos.

And then you have reporters like Kim Kozlowski who aid and abet researchers like Morrison and allow them to prey on people's ignorance, hope and trust in scientists.

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