Thursday, February 25, 2010

ABC features story on Angie Jackson live tweeting her abortion

I wonder why this ABC new story of Angie Jackson live-tweeting her RU-486 abortion by Emily Friedman didn’t include any of Angie’s more...(language warning).. um.... colorful tweets?

She takes 17 vicodin and acts like it’s “almost exactly
= monthly period.

Stand True’s Bryan Kemper also interviewed Angie and posted the interview and his thoughts.

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  1. Funny, when the Truth Trucks demythify abortion it's an outrage!

    I mean, all we're trying to do is bring it out into the open! Why should they object, of there's nothing objectionable?

    (And it's interesting that she went into it thinking she'd be twittering a couple hours of bleeding, and she's ending up twittering an ordeal.)