Thursday, February 25, 2010

Can abortion still block health care reform?

At Time, Amy Sullivan discusses the possibility of abortion still being the main barrier to health care reform by breaking down the Democrats in the House who voted for the Stupak Amendment but against the health care bill, for the Stupak Amendment and for the bill, and against the Stupak Amendment and against the bill.
Another 24 members who supported Stupak and the House bill are solidly pro-life. The key question for them is whether they are willing to accept an abortion prohibition that falls short of the Stupak language. No one in the House leadership has polled members on this point to get a head count, but the best guess is that many in this category would be satisfied with the Nelson language....

The final group of 16 Democrats voted against both the Stupak amendment and the House bill. While abortion did not drive their votes in November, these members could be in play if the House votes on a reconciliation bill. Half of the members of this group are freshmen Democrats who opposed the House bill because of concerns about cost or because they opposed the public option, which is not in the Senate version.

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