Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Valenti responded

And not very persuasively in my opinion:
JivinJ, I didn't say she lied about counseling teens. Perhaps it's you that needs to take a closer look. She's saying that ALL women suffer from abortions. That ALL women pay a price for having sex. Telling women that taking birth control will make you more likely to die and be sterile is NOT true. SHE IS LYING. Just because she does it with finesse doesn't change that fact.

Saw your charming post, btw. Thanks. Keep your anti-choice (expletive) off my site, k?
Valenti claims Stenzel lied about abortion but the only time Stenzel mentions abortion in the video posted by Valenti is when she's talking about counseling women. Stenzel never once says anything remotely like "ALL women suffer from abortions." You have to be delusionally pro-choice to think "I've counseled women who have suffered emotional consequences after having an abortion" = "All women suffer from abortions."

I also am now fairly certain Valenti intentionally misrepresented what Stenzel said about sterility and death. I believe Valenti knew Stenzel was claiming girls who take hormonal birth control are more likely to contract STDs and STDs (not hormonal birth control) can lead to sterility and death. Instead of trying to prove any of this wrong, Valenti just calls Stenzel a liar "who tells kids that birth control could kill them."

I do like the all-caps in her response to me, though. It just makes her case so much more persuasive to have "SHE IS LYING" in all-caps. Just asserting "She is lying" without evidence isn't anywhere near as persuasive as asserting "SHE IS LYING" without evidence.

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