Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Life Links 5/14/08

A woman in New York named Hua Zheng has been charged with child endangerment after leaving her newborn child at the doorstep of her pastor's home. According to the story, she had previously sought an abortion after her husband "told her they could not afford another child and ordered her to have an abortion.

After being told by two doctors it was too dangerous to get the procedure, Zheng, of Flushing, lied to her husband and hid her pregnancy, the sources said."

A little boy from Florida apparently has better vision after receiving treatments of umbilical cord stem cells in China. His vision has supposedly gone from 20/1200 to 20/200 in less than 3 months.

In Texas, a woman has been charged with abuse of a corpse after allegedly admitting to trying to flush her stillborn child down the toilet.

Like really, really stupid pro-choice pro-abortion rants? This is a classic one.

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