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Life Links 5/7/08

Are prolife Republicans evil fiends who truly want to punish women or are they fangless big talkers who've done nothing in the past 30 years for the prolife cause?

This is the question I'd like Scott Swenson to answer after this post of his on the RH Reality Check blog. On one hand, pro-choicers continually harp on how wrong and hurtful various pieces of prolife legislation are, how evil conservative judicial nominees are, and how John McCain will throw women behind bars for having abortions if elected. Yet on the other hand, I've also come across statements like the one Swenson posts from BlueTexan which claimm Republicans have done "absolutely nothing over the past 30 years" for the prolife movement and that they're using prolifers. Well, which is it?

Why all the posts and attacks on prolife Republicans if they really haven't done anything to stop abortion in 30 years? If they don't do anything, then why are pro-choicers so concerned?

Jay from the LTI Blog provides his thoughts on the Valenti-Stenzel-JivinJ dust up.

A Massachusetts-based company named Harvest Technologies is claiming to have "generated promising clinical data using adult stem cells to treat a disease that can lead to non-healing wounds and gangrene."

Scientists in India have supposedly found "adult stem cells in the entire female genital tract and isolat(ed) them using non-invasive methods to develop cells of other organs."
Under lab conditions, the stem cells obtained from the uterus were developed into cells of kidney, liver, fat, brain and beta cells of the pancreas — which produces insulin — and the beating cells of the heart.

According to the researchers, the application of this research includes curing degenerative diseases and studying the effects of drugs.

According to them, the treatment with stem cells can increase the embryo carrying capacity of the uterus, which is helpful in infertility diseases like repeated (miscarriages), pregnancy-induced hypertension, and for in-vitro fertilisation.

Bert Copple shares a story of meeting a post-abortive woman while gathering signature to run for Congress.
While I was out knocking on doors this evening to finish up the collection of petition signatures for our campaign, I met a woman in Warren who asked me what my stance was on abortion. I told her that I was pro-life, and she hesitated to continue signing her name. Looking at me, with anger rising in her voice, she said, “So you must hate me for having an abortion.”

... I explained to her what a miracle life is, and how blessed we each are to have experienced it. And then I said these words to her:

“I don’t hate you. I hate abortion.”

On the blog On this side of the house, Miss Middle in Manchester writes:
"It's difficult, I think abortion is horrid, wicked and wrong. It should be quite right to try and reduce the number of abortions and abortion should not be applauded.

Yet I'm pretty sure that if I was to find myself pregnant tomorrow, I'd have one."

When I read statements like this, I always wonder if the writer actually believes abortion is "horrid, wicked and wrong" and their desire not to be pregnant simply overwhelms their conscience or if they really don't see abortion as being "horrid, wicked and wrong" in the same way I do.

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