Wednesday, May 14, 2008

"It felt like someone was stabbing me in the stomach over and over again"

A woman who had a failed RU-486 chemical abortion at Planned Parenthood describes her experience:
“Ms. Wilkerson, I don’t know how to explain this any other way, but you are still pregnant.” He explained that since I had thrown up some of the medication, it most likely caused the procedure to not work as it should have. At this point, I was pretty much freaking out. I KNEW what the next step was, and that was surgery. ACTUAL surgery. The vacuum surgery. I asked him what the sound I heard coming from the ultra-sound was, and he said it was the heartbeat. I began to cry.

He went on to explain that although the child was still living, there was an extreme possibility of deformity, and that surgery was my best option.
Her child dies before the surgical abortion and immediately after the surgical abortion she has some negative emotional feelings (she googles “ways to commit suicide") but says she now doesn't think about it everyday or think about what may have been. She does keep an ultrasound photo of her child but hasn't looked at it in a while and doesn't plan to.

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