Friday, August 19, 2005

What about the injured women?

One thing I've noticed regarding the debate regarding the safety of RU-486 (aka medical abortion, Mifeprex, etc.) that started at Michelle Malkin went to INDC Journal and has been mentioned at Imago Dei, Hyscience and Outside the Beltway is that something is missing. What's missing? The fact that numerous women have also been injured (many of them seriously) from this drug cocktail. We've focused on the 5 deaths that we know about while ignoring the numerous women who've reported adverse effects/complications after taking these drugs.

In January of this year, Concerned Women for America posted the Adverse Events Reports from RU-486. The list is not by any means complete but it still has more than 600 women who've experienced adverse effects from RU-486. The safety of a drug can not be solely determined by how many people die after taking it. We also should factor in complications and how serious these complications have been before declaring something "safe and effective."

The Adverse Events Reports also show how some abortion providers are blatantly ignoring the FDA guidelines for medical abortion.

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