Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Life Links 8/10/05

Liberal Larry you've outdone yourself again.

The Roberts kids are no strangers to controversy. Jack Roberts, a confirmed bachelor who enjoys dancing and thinks girls are "yucky", has the I.Q. of a four year-old boy and a rap sheet a mile long. In 2003, Jack was reprimanded by a superior court judge for vandalizing the walls of a private residence with Crayola crayons. Last summer, he stole several indigenous amphibians from a natural wetland, a crime against nature for which he has yet to be held accountable. His childlike demeanor and bizarre behavior have frustrated reporters for weeks. When pressed for details on his father's opinions concerning Roe V. Wade, it's not unusual for Jack to burst into giggles and spin around in circles until he falls down.

Read the whole thing. I'm still laughing.

Serge at Imago Dei discusses the concept of brain death and what it means.

Is anyone else getting the sick feeling that the recent NARAL commercial is a publicity stunt/fundraising gimmick? They've gained more attention to the ad via the NY Times , USA Today and blogs than the "national" ad (I'm sorry but airing a commercial in Maine and Rhode Island isn't national) would have received even if it had a much larger ad buy.

Honestly, how many people in Maine and Rhode Island will actually see this commercial on TV? NARAL doesn't have the power/money to pay for a real national ad campaign against Roberts. So instead they create a ridiculous commercial knowing that the blatant deception will receive a ton of media publicity where a normal "Roberts may not be pro-choice" ad probably wouldn't cause a ripple. They've even gotten Progress for America Voter Fund to pay for an ad campaign that rebukes NARAL's commercial. While NARAL may be getting a lot of publicity for this ad, this can't be good for their already diminishing credibility and influence.

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