Monday, June 06, 2011

Overheard - Prolifers aren't really against abortion, they're against basic health care and they want to keep wages down

Jodi Jacobson really outdoes herself on the craziness scale here (my emphasis).
When it comes to debates about "abortion" and "pro-life politics," both the media and the pundit class are persistently missing the huge neon-lighted elephant in the room. Current efforts by the far right to undermine health care for the poor are neither about "abortion" as commonly understood nor about "life." Instead, they are part of longer-term broader efforts to undermine women's rights across the board, deny basic health care to the poor and middle class, increase the available labor force, demolish the social safety net, and keep wages down and corporate profits on the rise......

We all now know--even if we don't admit it--that the far right is made up of three basic extremist groups: fundamentalist religious groups seeking to create a theocracy in America (and c'mon folks, they are less and less shy about stating this); fundamentalist "free marketers" who feel only corporations have rights; and fundamentalist pseudo-libertarians. These groups--whether we want to admit it openly or not--share a common belief in the supremacy of men over women, of corporations over democratic government and people, of the rich over the poor, and of whites over everyone else.

Together, these groups hate Planned Parenthood for the same reason they hated Acorn (notwithstanding problems in the organization, it was the mission of helping register disenfranchised voters that so infuriated the right, as evidenced by current efforts to undermine voting rights at the state level). Extremists hate Planned Parenthood for the same reason they hate Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, hate the minimum wage and labor and environmental regulations, and hate programs like Title X and Title IX. All of these--and I name only a few--are aimed at providing basic equity in American society. So they hate Planned Parenthood because it provides basic primary health care--including but not limited to reproductive health care--to people who might not otherwise have it. Abortion is merely the emotional foil used by the far right to rally the extreme religious minority that votes in the Republican primaries and to confuse other voters into thinking they're all about "morality" and "life," fiscal austerity and freedom, and efficiency.

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  1. Anonymous6:17 PM

    It is foolish to believe that all abortions will come to a halt if it were made illegal. They call themselves pro-life but fail to take the woman's life into consideration.
    This really is about punishing women for taking control of their own sexuality and having power over others.