Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Kansas abortion clinics worried about new regulations, inspections

Kansas is quickly putting in place their new abortion clinic requirements and this has abortion provider all in a tizzy.
The top executive for Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid Missouri said he's concerned imposing the new regulations so quickly will force all three clinics to shut down. The Planned Parenthood chapter operates one of the three clinics, all of which are in the Kansas City area.

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment sent Planned Parenthood a letter earlier this month saying its clinic would be inspected and notified by July 1 whether it would have a license. The other clinics received similar letters......

Brownlie said though he believes Planned Parenthood's clinic, also in Overland Park, can meet the new regulations, he's not sure what issues will be raised by the inspection, scheduled for Wednesday, and whether Planned Parenthood or any other clinic operators will have adequate time to address perceived deficiencies.

Pederson said his clinic's inspection hasn't been set.

The new law requires annual inspections of each clinic. It also directs the health department to set standards for exits, lighting, bathrooms and equipment. The agency not only will issue annual licenses but have the power to fine clinics and could go to court to shut them down.

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    I think I'll save a link to this page to use the next time someone tells me "no one likes abortion."