Thursday, June 09, 2011

Abortion Gang member decries the dangers of prolife billboards

For some reason, it's not currently on their blog, but my blog reader got an Abortion Gang post by Shayna in which she condemns prolife billboards for supposedly endangering the lives of drivers. She also had this tidbit showing her lack of understanding about fetal development and abortion.
Today, while driving on the freeway in New Jersey, I saw a billboard that says "Abortion Stops A Beating Heart," with the symbol for heart substituted for the word. Let's leave aside the blatant falsehoods in the statement itself. After all, by now you probably know that at the point of conception, there is no beating heart. In fact, during the first few stages of fetal development there is no heart at all.

Here's Shayna's conclusion about prolife billboards.
Do the groups that put up anti-abortion billboards along fast highways and lonely rural roads realize that every person who sees them is more likely to die as a result? How can they not be? Their holier-than-thou message is hardly less distracting than an advertisement for fast food or self storage locations, even if you do not find it as enraging as I do.

The hypocrisy of the billboards is undeniable. What makes the purported life of an as yet unborn fetus worth more than that of an autonomous human being and his or her passengers? Worth more than a mother driving home from the office or a father and his children on their way to the dentist? Of course, these billboards are only a small fraction of the many that line America's roadways, but they are the only ones that do so with the sole rationale of claiming that "all life is valuable," while really making a bizarre judgment call about who is worth being put at risk and why.

It seems prolife billboards are just more evidence that we prolifers don't care about life after birth. We're needlessly endangering so many lives by putting up billboards. So hypocritical.

Next item Shayna will complain about: prolife T-shirts.

Do you know how many people are injured and die each year from tripping because they were distracted by looking at someone's eye-catching T-shirt?


  1. I saw a cloud that looked like a baby the other day. Before I knew it I had plowed through a crowded minimall...insensitive prolifers.

  2. Anonymous9:36 AM

    'During the first few stages' let's be a little more vague, shall we? (since actual scientific facts don't support you opinions on when fetal heartbeat begins) If the billboard had been an ad for late term abortion with graphic images of the 'procedure' would that meet 'shayna's' high standards? And it's not as if they care about lives being endangered, in or out of the womb. How utterly laughable.