Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Life Links 6/7/11

Ross Douthat writes about Jack Kevorkian's victims.
This isn't a hypothetical slippery slope. Jack Kevorkian spent his career putting this dark, expansive logic into practice. He didn't just provide death to the dying; he helped anyone whose suffering seemed sufficient to warrant his deadly assistance. When The Detroit Free Press investigated his "practice" in 1997, it found that 60 percent of those he assisted weren't actually terminally ill. In several cases, autopsies revealed "no anatomical evidence of disease."

This record was ignored or glossed over by his admirers. (So were the roots of his interest in euthanasia: Kevorkian was obsessed with human experimentation, and pined for a day when both assisted suicides and executions could be accompanied by vivisection.)

Planned Parenthood of Indiana says it will close 7 clinics of its 28 clinics and lay off 24 employees if it doesn't get a federal injunction to allow it to receive Medicaid funds.

Ohio legislators are considering a proposal to ban abortions at publicly funded hospitals and clinics.

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