Friday, June 03, 2011

Life Links 6/3/11

Assisted-suicide advocate and convicted murderer Jack Kevorkian has died.

Greenwood Today has a story about a South Carolina sheriff named Ricky Chastain who allegedly had an affair with an employee, impregnanted her and convinced her to have an abortion. She then got pregnant a second time, refused to have an abortion and he made her work miserable so she would quit. Allison Haley Manley is suing Chastain for sexual harrassment.
According to court documents, while on a trip to Myrtle Beach with Chastain in September 2010, Manley learned that she was pregnant a second time with Chastain’s child. She says that when she told Chastain that she would not have a second abortion; Chastain organized a meeting with sheriff’s office administrators and instructed them to “do whatever it took to make [Manley] resign her employment.”

A woman in Idaho has been charged with unlawful abortion after she took abortion pills to abort a 5-6 month old unborn child. Police found the child on her back porch in box wrapped in garbage bag.

Vice President Joe Biden met privately with Pope Benedict today at the Vatican. USA Today wonders aloud if the Pope took him to school on abortion. We can only hope.

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