Thursday, June 02, 2011

Facebook account for unborn child

Both ABC News and Time covered the story of Marriah Greene's Facebook page.
Marriah Greene may be the youngest person with a Facebook page. She hasn't even been born yet.

Her page was put up by her parents, Matt and Ellie Greene of Whitehouse, Texas, who were looking for a playful way to keep friends up to date on the progress of Ellie's pregnancy. They know they're having a girl, and they have a due date of June 9. As of Wednesday night their daughter had 268 "friends" -- mostly real friends and family of her parents.....

The page, Marriah's father says, is meant in fun. Marriah's education: "Studied Labor and Delivery at Tummy University." Favorite quotations: "Swimming, swimming, just keep swimming." Sports Marriah plays: Soccer ("I am quite the kicker").

According to the Time story, Facebook has apparently removed the page because Marriah isn't 13 yet.

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