Thursday, June 09, 2011

Cheating is only wrong if you have morals

WSJ's James Taranto just destroys "but he's not a hypocrite" defense of Rep. Weiner.
One suspects this is merely an attempt to rationalize away the bad behavior of their political allies while reserving the right to condemn similar misbehavior in their foes. Hey, Walsh and Marcotte are only human. But what a rationalization it is! What they are claiming is that their side has no moral standards, and therefore there is no basis on which they may be held to account.

This premise, however, is quite glaringly false. The left does have, or at least professes to have, moral standards when it comes to sexual behavior: the moral standards of feminism.

I almost spit out my water while reading this line:
It's echoed by Amanda Marcotte, a former adviser to John Edwards (almost as good a laugh line as "former Enron adviser"), in an essay for

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