Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mitt Romney won't sign Susan B. Anthony List's prolife pledge

Here's the story from Politico:
Five Republican presidential candidates have signed a pledge to advance the anti-abortion movement if elected to the White House, but the current front runner for the 2012 GOP nomination — Mitt Romney — isn’t one of them.
National Review has the terms of the pledge which ask candidates to not to nominate liberal judges, appoint prolifers to cabinet positions which deal with life issues, advance prolife legislation and defund abortion providers.

The NR link also has Romney's explanation.
Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul e-mails NRO the details about the unintended consequences Romney is concerned about: “This pledge would require cutting off funding to thousands of healthcare facilities, including VA hospitals, that currently receive funding . It would also place severe restrictions on federal appointments to a broad variety of agencies."

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