Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Abortion Gang: "It doesn't matter ellaOne kills unborn or not"

At the AbortionGang, NYCprochoiceMD shares his/her thoughts on the possibility that the emergency contraception ellaOne does more than prevent contraception.
We want to ensure that women who have personal views that would lead them not to choose abortion know that the use of post-coital contraceptives is consistent with their beliefs. We want everyone to know as much as possible about all their options. So to counter the myth that emergency contraception is equivalent to an abortion, we scream as loud as we can that it isn’t.

But we have to remember that in the end it doesn’t matter how it works or why. All that matters is what’s in the heart of the woman and if she wants to lend her body to a zygote for the 38 weeks required to gestate a full-term fetus. The rest is just semantics.
So on one hand NYCprochoiceMD can understand that some women may not want to take a pill which would possibly kill their developing child but he/she doesn't really care because whether a human being is killed or not is "just semantics."

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  1. What an idiot. That is some pretty important information to include, don't you think?

    There's a huge difference between preventing pregnancy and killing a human being. Doesn't he think that patients deserve to which is happening?