Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Pennsylvania teenager self-aborts

A 13-year-old girl has been hospitalized after performing a self-abortion on herself with a lead pencil. She was impregnated by her 30-year-old "boyfriend."
The Polk Township girl, whose name was not released, told police she performed the abortion on herself Wednesday. Over the next three days, she became violently ill, started having contractions and delivered the baby at her home, according to a police news release.

During labor, police say, the girl had been in contact with Michael James Lisk, of Kunkletown, who she believes was the father of the baby. Lisk came to her home, placed the baby in a plastic shopping bag and buried the baby in a wooded area along Middle Creek Road, between their two homes.
An autopsy on the child is scheduled for today.

Jill at Feministe responds to the problem in her typical fashion by attacking prolifers and asserting that greater access to abortion would have been a help.
And yes, this girl obviously needed access to safe abortion care; if she had such access, she wouldn’t have had to self-induce abortion with a lead pencil. Abortion access would have lessened this tragedy by a significant degree. It’s shameful that, under the guise of caring about children and babies, anti-choice groups seek to limit abortion access for women and girls.
What's really shameful is that under the guise of helping girls, Jill's preferred lack of abortion regulations (no parental consent, tax-dollars funding abortion, etc.) would have keep this girl in this "relationship" until who knows when. And she doesn't even seem to be able to fathom that abortion is often used by predators like Michael Lisk as a method of covering their tracks.

Before blaming prolifers for this unfortunate event, shouldn't Jill know additional facts about the case. Like, how many weeks pregnant was this girl? Or, whose idea was it to self-induce? Did they try to go to the abortion mill in Allentown which was only about 40 minutes away? Or did they try to take a 90 minute drive to New Jersey where parental consent isn't a factor?

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