Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Planned Parenthood Rep: Viewing an ultrasound can change a woman's mind on abortion

The State-Journal Register has an article about RU-486 abortions provided at a Planned Parenthood in Springfield, Illinois. The article contains a number of quotes from "nurse practitioner Stephani Cox, Planned Parenthood’s downstate lead clinician."

In some cases, it seems that Ms. Cox goes off Planned Parenthood's usual script.

With regards to abortion protesters:
“They don’t cause any trouble,” Cox said. “We haven’t had a problem, really.”
On contraceptives:
“They’ve never been through this, for the most part,” Cox said. “They feel many things, among them embarrassed for getting in this situation.

“We try to have them not beat themselves up, because it happens, and there’s no method of contraception that’s 100 percent other than abstinence.”
On how viewing an ultrasound can affect a woman's decision:
During a visit that takes several hours, a client undergoes a blood test and a sonogram, Cox said.

The client always is offered a chance to view the sonogram, she said. After looking at the sonogram or going through Planned Parenthood’s required counseling, she said, some women have decided not to proceed with their planned abortions.


  1. I heard that over 4 out of 5 women viewing their ultrasound cancel their abortion. Neat! Let's continue to offer women this option before they abort.

  2. This is wonderful, I think PP should provide women with FACTS about the child growing inside of them along with the ultrasounds they're given. This gives me hope.

  3. Anonymous9:14 PM

    I have a REALLY hard time believing that PP always offers the client a chance to view the ultrasound. Not buying it.

  4. Anonymous10:57 PM

    Haha yeah right. Talk to anyone who actually has gotten an abortion there--they will more than likely disagree that they were able to see a sonogram screen.