Monday, June 14, 2010

Alabama abortion clinic shuts down after numerous violations

A local NBC affiliate has posted a PDF of a Alabama Department of Public Health report on an abortion clinic which the ADPH is forcing to close. An article sums up the Beacon Women’s Center’s various violations:
The 68 page ADPH includes detailed information on violations such as failure to inspect medical equipment, the inability to conduct a controlled drug count during procedures and failure to follow administrative guidelines informing patients of their rights.

During one visit by surveyors, the report indicates that the Registered Nurse on duty was unable to get into the controlled medical cabinet because the Medical Director left the only key in his Selma office. Seventeen patients who were scheduled to have procedures that day were given the option of rescheduling their appointment or going ahead without the use of sedation. All of the patients chose to go ahead with their procedures without sedation.

Expired drugs, lack of emergency medical equipment such as oxygen tanks and failure to document testing of key equipment such as defibrillators were also cited on one visit.

The report indicated that surveyors requested several times to see the clinic's written policy on parental consent for minors and suspected abuse or neglect of a child in accordance with law. The investigation found no written policies. In an interview, the Medical Director was asked if he reported minors who sought an abortion. His response: "Oh yeah. I ask them, but they (the minor patients) lie to you..." He questioned officials on whether he had to report minors even if "nothing comes up", to which the reply was "yes."

In another violation, documents showed that many patients filled out forms indicating they'd been offered an ultrasound or the chance to watch a video called 'Did You Know'. Some employees admitted they never offered patients the opportunity, while one said the video was offered on the first counseling session. Further inspection showed the room where the video was to be watched had no video player.

They are no longer allowed to perform abortions and are open until the 18th just to see women for follow-up exams.

Apparently, the abortionist wasn't very familiar with Alabama's reporting law. From the report,
EI # 7 asked the surveyor if minors had to be reported even if the father of the child was a minor. EI # 7 asked the surveyor, "So if mom is 12 and father is 15 then it will still have to be reported?" The surveyor responded that
this was correct.

UPDATED: Beacon Women's Center is affiliated with the National Abortion Federation and is listed as on their web site.

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