Thursday, June 17, 2010

"The fact is..."

Overheard at Mo Rage in a post entitled, "The fact is, anti-abortion people really don't want abortions to go away."
First there was RU486, the "day after" contraceptive pill and now there is a new one that is reputedly effective up to 120 hours after conception. So, the fact is, we have two different ways to make sure that a true abortion procedure never has to happen again. That's a fact. But the other fact is, the anti-abortion side, the anti-abortion people don't want this issue to go away. They want to keep their "good fight". And it's stupid.

Isn't it great when someone who doesn't know the difference between RU-486 and Plan B, has no clue about the effectiveness rates of emergency contraception, and apparently can't understand why prolifers would be concerned about an emergency contraceptive which might have post-contraceptive effects starts claiming that prolifers don't want abortions to go away.

But prolifers are stupid ones, eh?


  1. I specifically made the difference and distinction between RU486 and Plan B.

    In answer to your last question, no.

    But thanks for reading (even if you didn't understand and even if you did misrepresent what I said) and thanks for linking. You gotta' get the word out, right?

    Mo Rage

  2. that is so perfect.

    Your blog, dedicated to only one topic--abortion.

    Because, after all, the whole anti-abortion movement is a one-issue group, anyway. They know nor care about any other political issue but than one, in great measure.

    Besides being wrong, y'all are uninformed and sad.

    Mo Rage
    the blog

  3. Mo Rage,
    Maybe I mistook what you were trying to say. It seemed to me that you were saying that RU-486 is the "day after" contraceptive pill.

    If you were talking about Plan B, I don't understand why you would have even mentioned RU-486 when your next sentence says there are "two different ways to make sure that a true abortion never has to happen again." You certainly seemed to be saying that RU-486 wasn't a "true abortion."

    Do you really think the effectiveness rates for either plan B or the new emergency contraceptive (called ellaOne) are anywhere near 100%. If so, you shouldn't be calling anyone else uninformed.

  4. Oh, no, not at all. I'm not claiming that they're 100% effective at all. But the fact is that a) they do work and are effective, b) they have a high effectiveness ratio and b) we could avoid more abortions.

    And isn't that what anti-abortion people supposedly want?

    Do you really think, too, that humankind is not going to have sex?

    Mo Rage

  5. If they are not 100% effective then how can you say "that a true abortion procedure never has to happen again"? That makes no sense at all. That's like an abortion advocate saying that abortion never has to happen again because condoms are available and effective.

    You should do some more research on Plan B. It is not very effective and the author (James Trussell) of the one of main studies used to promote its effectiveness has admitted as much. Over and over again, studies have shown that increased access to and usage of Plan B does nothing to reduce pregnancy or abortion rates.

    But I'm uninformed, right?