Monday, June 21, 2010

Pro-choice group says Supreme Court nominee Kagan believes "the Constitution affords a right to abortion"

The Center for Reproductive Rights posted a press release today in which they point to their legal analysis of Kagan's memos and conclude that Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan's record suggest that she believes "the Constitution affords a right to abortion." They aren't completely sold on her yet.
In short, Kagan's record suggests that she agrees with the general proposition that the Constitution affords a right to abortion. But her positions on the specific contours of that substantive right are less discernable. In fact, some of her writings raise questions about the depth of her consideration of the significance of reproductive rights to women's health, lives, and equality.

They're troubled by one memo where Kagan notes it "ludicrous" to consider elective abortions part of "needed medical care." According to the CRR, "once a woman decides to terminate her pregnancy, the medical need for an abortion is immediate."

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