Thursday, July 01, 2010

Life Links 7/1/10

Shannen Coffin replies to Elena Kagan’s response to questioning about her ACOG statement re-write. It’s amazing how Kagan was able to absorb the opinions of the ACOG experts without meeting with them and then re-write the ACOG statement in such a manner that helped President Clinton and encompassed their unspoken opinions.

As always, the RH Reality Check has a hilarious response to this controversy. Apparently, Kagan has such a big heart, she really didn't want the ACOG to release a statement which didn't contain an opinion she wrote for them because her statement reflected what the experts thought even though she had no contact with them.

Via, Mary Meets Dolly, is news that the book Never Let Me Go has been made into a movie. She's embedded a long trailer. The book is about a group of cloned human beings who eventually have their organs harvested.

The UK's Sun has a piece on a mother who decide to keep her child after she found out her RU-486 abortion failed.
It was there stunned medics dropped a bombshell.

"I thought being sick was a side-effect to the pills," she recalls, "but they gave me a scan.

"And there on the screen, the doctors could see the baby, with his heart still beating strongly.

"In fact, I had morning sickness. For some reason, the pills hadn't worked.

"I was distraught. It had been a very emotional decision to have the abortion in the first place. Now I just felt numb with shock. I couldn't believe it."

And worse was to come.

"I was told to come back the next day for another abortion. But, as the pills hadn't worked, this time I would need an operation under anaesthetic. I was so upset I burst into tears."

Later that night, Lucy realised she could not go through with it.

"Although I hadn't seen my baby on the scan, just knowing his heart was beating made him a baby," she says.

"I began thinking how hard he was fighting to stay alive. And I knew I couldn't go through with it."

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