Thursday, June 10, 2010

Life Links 6/10/10

Joe Carter responds to journalist Sally Lehrman’s belief that the blame for the over-hyping of embryonic stem cell lies solely at the feet of the media.
The public is aware that science is a “long and arduous process.” But ESCR was not sold as basic, speculative science but as an alchemical process that, with sufficient funding, could turn “discarded” embroyos into a cure for grandmother’s Alzheimer’s within a few years. The idea that therapeutic treatments were not imminent would have come as a surprise to the average Prop. 71 voter. Had they been told they were giving more money to their bankrupt state to buy petri dishes today for “basic research” they would have balked. Had they been told the truth—that such research will never, ever produce such cures—they would have been outraged at having been defrauded.

Instead of exposing this massive fraud—as a responsible journalist would do—Lehrman turns into a propagandist for the people who perpetuated this multi-billion dollar boondoggle

Speaking of selling embryonic stem cell research, here’s a novel way of trying to do just that: A video with a professor attempting to rap about stem cells.

The video features Jonathan Garlick, who grew three dimensional tissues from human embryonic stem cells last year. It unfortunately includes the ridiculous promise that stem cells will cure basically everything. His lab is also working with iPS cells.

Rick Snyder, a Republican candidate for governor of Michigan is still trying to sell himself as a prolife candidate to primary voters despite his support for killing human embryos for research. In a recent online op-ed for the Grand Rapids Press, Snyder says he opposes tax-funded abortions and Obama’s health care plan because “it fails to protect the sanctity of life.”

Question for Rick: Is the sanctity of human life protected by legalizing the killing of human embryos for research?

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