Friday, March 06, 2009

Pro-Coercion: When "Pro-Choice" legislators fight for parents' "rights" to coerce their raped daughters into having abortions

Sara Lampe, a Democratic legislator in Missouri is opposed to a bill aimed at preventing coerced abortions because the bill could penalize parents who coerce their minor daughters into having abortions.
Lampe's concern was partly that the definition in the bill makes any pregnant female, including a minor, a woman under the law. That could mean, she said, that parents could be guilty of a felony for making the decision that their raped child would abort the pregnancy.

She said that contradicted an anti-abortion bill passed by the House a few years ago that required parental consent for minors seeking an abortion.

"I am appalled that the members of this body often talk of parents' rights, but now we're going to ignore them," Lampe said. "The bill puts a parent ... in the position of being a felon."
Lampe doesn't seem to understand that no one has "the right" to coerce someone else into having an abortion. Not a husband, not a boyfriend, and not the parents of a rape victim.

She also seems to miss how she's completing contradicting herself and her "pro-choice" position. She thinks that women (with the exception of minor girls who've been raped) should ultimately decide whether they should have an abortion and that parents shouldn't have any legal rights in this decision unless they're coercing victims of rape into having abortions.

What utter nonsense.

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