Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Doug Kmiec is living in his own fantasy world

It appears Doug Kmiec still doesn't get it. In an e-mail response to Dan Gilgoff regarding Obama numerous anti-life actions, Kmiec (a self-proclaimed prolife Obama backer) writes,
Of course, with or without an alternative to embryonic cells, Cardinal Rigali has it exactly right, no innocent human life is to be sacrificed for another even with the promise of medical breakthrough. That said, I do commend the President for his strong prohibition of human cloning....

Too bad Obama didn't call for a prohibition on human cloning and is actually in favor of creating cloned human embryos for research.

Kmiec also makes a number of completely unsubstantiated claims about how the Mexico City policy (which merely prevented a few well-funded abortion providers/promoters from getting international family planning funds) "aggravated levels of disease, deprived remote areas of less developed nations sometimes of their only available health care" and "may well have also accounted for dramatic increases in abortion."

Since when did Kmiec get hired as a Planned Parenthood spokesman?

Kmiec also believes Governor Kathleen Sebelius, who has a long record of vetoing prolife legislation designed to limit late-term abortion in Kansas, is "a highly capable and respected administrator who fully believes in the protection of human life at all its stages."

If you didn't believe Kmiec's arguments were shoddy before, I don't know what else could convince you.

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