Thursday, March 26, 2009

Abortion TV ads?

According to Bloomberg, the United Kingdom is considering allowing abortion providers to advertise their services on television. The changes to the television codes would also "loosen" rules on condom ads.
Marie Stopes International, Britain’s largest independent pregnancy-advisory service, said it would consider advertising on TV.

“It isn’t about promotion, it’s about raising people’s awareness,” said spokeswoman Emily James in a telephone interview.
Telegraph blogger Ed West isn't buying the idea that this kind of advertising is going to lower the UK's high teen pregnancy rate.
These abortion adverts are supposed to combat our teenage pregnancy rate, currently six times neighbouring Holland's, but will only have the reverse effect. The Government has already spent a fortune combating unwanted pregnancy these past dozen years, making abortion and contraception ever easier and looking surprised when the pregnancy rate fails to fall or even goes up.....

The easier the authorities make contraception and abortion, the more teens will have sex, and the more unwanted pregnancies there will be. I don't care what teenagers get up to, as long as they stay away from my car, but the Government cannot separate sex from pregnancy. They can barely run the economy, let alone change the laws of biology.

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